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Classroom Requirements

Adobe Spark can be used on desktops, laptops, iOS devices, and Chromebooks. Here are the complete system requirements.

What can you create with Adobe Spark?

High school research paper

A research paper on a topic as colorful as NYC's graffiti and street art can't look, well... blah. Here's how one high schooler wrote her paper as a fun and engaging presentation, using Adobe Spark.

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Tweets to space

The nine and ten-year-olds in the Chestnut Class at St. Leonard’s C of E Primary School have a lot of questions, especially about space, so they tweeted their questions to astronaut Tim Peake on the International Space Station.

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Spark helps you:

Create beauty anywhere

Make your small business stand out by easily creating stunning social graphics, animated videos, and web stories from your computer or iOS device. For free.

Make professional-grade designs

No design experience required. Simply select from best-in-class layouts, fonts, images, color palettes, and motion to achieve the look that best tells your small business’ story.

Engage people with visuals

Beautiful design drives emotion, interest, feedback, or even a laugh. Spark projects can be shared to your organization’s social accounts, website, blog, or sent via email and text. They will look great from any device.

Make your business shine with Spark

Whether you work in a small business, a large one, or on your own, Spark is for you.

Compelling videos in minutes

Video is the new format for small businesses to stand out on social. With Spark, anyone can create sales, explainer, training videos... or even Facebook video ads quickly and for free. No more hours spent editing or costly production. Watch how Jessica uses Spark to stand out on Instagram.
Watch this Spark Video
Watch this Spark Video
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Engage with an online newsletter

Visual presentations, newsletters, blogs, and event invites are much more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. With Spark you can make eye-catching visual web stories within minutes, without design experience. See how restaurant Aina leverages Spark Page to stand out.
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Create stunning social graphics, resize instantly

Facebook and Twitter posts with images see much higher engagement than those with just text. Spark makes it a breeze to create stunning social graphics for your small business and resize them instantly to share on any network.
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“This is an incredible app to make social media graphics of all sizes and designs. The controls are intuitive, prebuilt designs beautiful and access to stock photos extremely convenient. Highly recommended!"
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“Wow! Spark makes any half decent photographer look like a star. Its features and ease of use,  its elegant design and it's beautiful layouts – all contribute to your masterpiece - you'll love it, trust me."
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“We can’t always afford to work with a professional for our marketing and design needs.
Enter Adobe Spark.”
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Learning letters and numbers

These little ones love learning as much as they love sharing what they have learned, and with Adobe Spark they can create their very own videos to do just that.

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Looking for more ideas?

We asked some teachers how they use Adobe Spark in the classroom.
Here's the list of some of their suggestions.

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College Paper

"Solitary Journey" is a photo-journalism project created by a student at Elon University.

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Activities for English Learners

Curriculum and EdTech Consultant, Dr. Monica Burns, shares her "5 Spark Video Chromebook and iPad Activities for English Language Learners".

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